Visit Florida & Kennedy Space Center Ad


Let me take you on a quick journey into my past. You know that thing that your friends and family have always told you to do, but you never really considered trying? For me, that was modeling. Ever since I was young I've been told that I should try it. Then, when I turned 17 (by now I’ve heard it so many times) I finally caved. What do I have to lose? Who knows, this could even be fun. So, I got some headshots, put myself in front of agencies, got signed, and even spent one high school summer in New York City. Little did I know, this was the start of an insanely fun hobby that would last for years to come. It’s been well balanced throughout in my life, some call it my “side hustle” but I see it more like — every once in a while I go meet cool people and have fun creating. 

November of last year, I was selected to be in a Visit Florida and Kennedy Space Center ad. With my accommodation and gas paid for, I drove to Cape Canaveral, and woke up the next morning to start shooting at 6am. 

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Kennedy Space Center before! My entire day was spent running around with the production team looking at all the rockets, wearing a space helmet, getting dipping dots shoved in my face, and playing in the splash pads. Yes, this is "work". I had such a great time laughing and drinking endless amounts of coffee with everyone, that our 10 hour work day really wasn't that bad after all. 

Towards the end of January, my friends at Visit Florida sent me a message telling me that the ad can be seen at Penn Station by Madison Square Gardens in New York City, Union Station in Washington D.C., and St. Clair Station in Toronto, Ontario. As well as websites like Expedia, Kayak, Weather Channel, Priceline, Travelocity, Taboola, Sjoern, etc. LET ME JUST TAKE A SECOND TO LET THAT SINK IN. 

There is something UNREAL about witnessing a team of creative people work hard and put their passions together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Visit Florida, Kennedy Space Center, and Spark Brand. Also to my friends, Devin, and my mom for being my biggest supporters.

This was my first worldwide campaign and I was SHOOK when I saw my face at a station I used to visit everyday. I know that creating will always be something I love (behind the camera or in front of it) but I never expected this to happen. My message to you, is to make time to do things you love, because you never know where it might take you. Remember, time spent enjoying yourself is never wasted.