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Target Photoshoot

Target Photoshoot

When Javonte said he wanted to do a photoshoot at Target, my response was “I know of a Target that’s so huge it has a wine and liquor section?!” and it turned out to be my favorite photoshoot to date.

We went to Target, shot outside in front of the logo and then took pictures in pretty much every area inside. From wine and liquor, to the cheese isle, to home decor, to fitting rooms. I HAD A BLAST. The Target employees were SUPER awesome and friendly and let us take all the photos we wanted. If you know me, you know that I refer to Target as my therapist and that I shop here the most. Doing a grocery store photoshoot was so out of the box and just being able to shoot for fun, made my heart feel so full.

It really hit me when I climbed inside the shopping cart. There’s something raw about helping a friend create their ideas. I got to witness Javonte - a dreamer, become a doer. I got to contribute to someone else doing something they’ve always wanted to do. And you know what blossoms from that? Authenticity and genuine moments. I laughed the entire time, we hyped each other up, and time flew by. Surround yourself with those who go after what they are truly passionate about and who aren’t afraid to try new ideas, because seeing this come to life literally filled my life with fun and positive energy.

I am so excited to share the end result with all of you! Here are just some of my favorites from this shoot. Target turned out to be an amazing photoshoot location! Also, if you want to see how quirky I am in real life, click here to watch the behind the scenes YouTube video! (catch me behind the camera shooting with a prism for the first time!)

Photographer: Javonte Kipp

Mom jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch | White crop top: Forever 21 | Shoes: Adidas | Pleated white skirt: American Apparel | Gingham crop top: Hollister & Co. | Leather jacket: Zara

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Case App (Giveaway Closed)

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