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Mickey: The True Original Exhibition Review

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition Review

On top of my usual always-doing-something lifestyle, during this month of February, I spent a lot of my extra time helping out the Vietnamese community. Although I love to volunteer every year, I wasn't sure if my packed schedule would allow me to take a trip to New York City. After looking at all the dates, there was only one weekend where I could see my Visit Florida and Kennedy Space Center ad, and when I looked up tickets for Mickey: The True Original Exhibition, it was closing that very same weekend! So, you guessed it... I bought a plane ticket.

My entire plane ride was me thinking about how amazing my 4th trip to New York City was going to be. I'll be able to check off some places I’ve been wanting to visit, I get to show Devin the city for the first time, I get to see the ad, and still see my favorite mouse. 

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition left me speechless. The introduction to the exhibition was a fun video about Mickey Mouse complete with music that made me feel like I should have been at an EDM concert. 

Just to highlight a few things about the exhibition:

  • I loved being surrounded by neon lights, crochet, paintings, and sculptures

  • There was artwork showcasing historic and contemporary styles

  • The first room also had a life size steamboat, where you could take a photo like Steamboat Willie

  • Lots of antique merchandise  

  • There were iPads playing cartoons

  • An incredibly oversized shirt 

  • One of the last rooms was called Mickey Mouse Cosmic Cavern (a really trippy room)

  • There's a game show — just walk in and say “Hey Google, play Mickey’s Game Show

  • You get complimentary Ample Hills ice cream!

    Each room had so much to take in but still left you wanting to see what was waiting for you around the corner. Walt Disney is a legend who has touched the lives of millions.Walking from room to room watching Mickey Mouse become an icon, instilled me the importance of doing what you love. The world and my childhood, wouldn't be what it is today, if Walt Disney never shared Mickey Mouse. 

This tribute was the perfect combination of nostalgia and surprise. I am so happy that I was able to witness this exhibition (and snag a t-shirt!) before it closed. Click here to watch a video highlight of my experience!

I hope we never lose sight of one thing, it was all started by a mouse.

Gingham skirt: Forever 21 | Boots: Target | Flights: Delta

Visit Florida & Kennedy Space Center Ad

Visit Florida & Kennedy Space Center Ad

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Case App (Giveaway Closed)