Kale yeah! Bolay restaurant opens in Lake Nona FL


Let me start off by saying, even though I love food, I’m actually a very picky eater. I’ve never heard of Bolay before, so I was really looking forward to giving it a try!

You start by picking your base:

Asian Sweet Potato Noodles, Cilantro Noodles, Kale Yeah Salad, Peruvian Quinoa, Moroccan Basmati Rice, Forbidden Black Rice, or Baby Spinach.

Next is your veggies (my favorite part):

Smoky Cauliflower, Balsamic Mushrooms, Ginger Broccoli, Cajun Sweet Potatoes, Garden Green Beans, pr Brussel Sprouts.

Then your protein:

Lemon Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, Miso Glazed Tofu, Ahi Tuna, Steak Au Jus, or Spicy Thai Shrimp.Last but not least you have adds and sauces:

Asian Herb Mix, Minted Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese, Goat Cheese, Avocado, Spicy Thai, Carrot Ginger, or Cilantro Pesto.

I enjoyed the blue walls and brown tables, it really adds a nice feel to the restaurant. The food tasted so fresh and healthy! Hopefully more locations open around Central Florida soon.

Thank you so much Bolay, for inviting me to your opening!

P.S The chocolate chip cookie is delicious!